Window #2: Love+
Here, the window merges the patterns of the shutters, of a red temple door, the Japanese Rising Sun Flag and the Japanese symbols for ‘ghost spirit.’
The video shows a noodle bar. Men come in, have their meals and leave again, while the scene is overlaid with a Nintendo bombshell in school uniform. Her poetic words of longing and desire bridge the gap between the virtual realm of emotional needs and the daily rituals of body sustenance.
In Japanese temples, a succession of doors or red tori as in the Japanese gates of the Fushimi Inari Shrine, would honour the families who donated to the temple.
Often these would create door ‘tunnels’, again stressing the idea of entering a world that is less obvious.
The ghost spirits and virtual lovers play a similar role – haunting, fascinating and caught in between worlds.

/ Flatbed print on plexiglass, Aluminium, Video loop 14:54 min.

Video frame: Inkjet print on cardboard.